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Bridge for Beginners

     Daniel Fitzgerald, professional casino dealer and instructor, teaches Bridge for Beginners at the CCAE starting Thursday, May 17, 2018.  The course will run for three (3) classes on the following dates and times:

Thursday, May 17 (7:45p-9:45p), Saturday, May 19 (9:00a-12n), Saturday, May 19 (9a-12n).

Please check with the CCAE for details on registration, cost, parking, etc.

     Dan offers a very comprehensive and thorough instruction on the game of Bridge, for beginners.  After the three classes for a total of eight hours, no bridge room will intimidate or prevent the student from enjoying the game with any group of seasoned players.  Dan offers the student the basics of Bridge Etiquette, the Mechanics of Bidding, How to Score (above and below the line), How to Open the Bidding, Responses to Opening Bids, Rebidding, Defensive Bidding, Penalties, Slam Bidding, and the Play of the Hand.  Sounds like a lot in only eight hours, sure.  But, it will be accomplished and the student will have a lot of fun learning how.

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