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Boxing Official

Former Massachusetts State Boxing Commission Chairman, Dan Fitzgerald, held that position for three years starting in 2007.  In that short period of time, Dan elevated the Massachusetts Boxing Commission to one of the best in the world.  During that same time, Dan also served on the Legal Committee, and was Chairman of the Match-Making Committee, for the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC),  Dan's match-making guidelines were published in 2010, and became the official standard for all of professional boxing.

Before Dan was asked to chair the Massachusetts Boxing Commission, he worked as a boxing judge in a number of jurisdictions throughout North America.  Upon his return to judging, Dan quickly rose to world class level.  He now judges world championship, international, and national title fights.  He has been licensed by the WBC, IBF, WBA, NABF, NABA, and a number of state and tribal jurisdictions throughout the United States.

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